Kitchen Faucet Problems – Know When To Buy A New One

Almost all of us have had problems with kitchen faucets at some time or the other. There are two major types of problems that occur regularly when it comes to kitchen faucets. It is either a leak or a loss of water force/pressure but before you scurry off to buy a new unit, first find out what could be wrong with your existing faucet.

The leaks can be due to the fact that the faucet was not installed properly in the first place, especially if you did it yourself without any professional help. That said, it could also be due to damaged O-rings or other replaceable parts. It is important to identify the cause as often just the replacement of a part fixes the issue.

Loss of water pressure can be due to lime scaling and can be easily resolved by dismantling the faucet and cleaning its insides. If there is visible wear and tear or rust though, you are better off buying a new unit for your kitchen.

By Albert Last updated: 13 April 2014, 17:25

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