Induction Cooktop – What You Must Know of This Technology

The technology used by induction cooktop has been around for decades. Thanks to its demand, the prices for this technology went down significantly. You can also find quite a good selection. GE, Samsung and Viking are just three of the most popular manufacturers of induction ranges.

Energy efficient

An induction cooktop is no doubt energy efficient. You may even consider it as the iPad of your kitchen because of the technology it employs. Induction ranges rely on electromagnets to heat up steel or iron. The temperature rises easily which means that heating oil in a pan takes only a few seconds. Thus, first-time users must be familiar with how to control its heat levels. Nevertheless, it is more energy efficient than electric range as it can cook food faster and there’s a smaller amount of heat in the process.


If you were purchasing it a decade ago, then you would be paying more than $10,000. However, these days, you can already own an induction cooktop at $1,500 or less. In fact, LG brand has its own induction range for only $800.


One of the negative things about this type of cooking device is the actual cooking. Since it heats up faster, you need to understand the right setting that can give you sufficient amount of heat for the food you are cooking.

Another thing you might not like about it is that you need to use pans designed to transfer energy. Thus, you cannot use those lovely copper pans you received from your wedding.

By Albert Last updated: 13 April 2014, 18:15

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