How Much Horsepower Do You Need In Your Garbage Disposer

This is an important question that you may not have ever given much thought to while buying a garbage disposal unit. Exactly how much horsepower do you need? Well, the answer lies in the amount of waste and the type of waste you want to dispose off on a regular basis.

If you are looking to dispose soft and semi-liquid food waste in a moderate amount, a 0.5 HP disposal unit should be more than sufficient. They need to have just one grinding stage and your job will be done.

For a little harder and little more waste, 0.51 to 0.99 HP disposal units are the way to go. There are many good models in the market that will dispose the waste perfectly.

If you are looking to process a large amount of waste everyday without clogging the unit or plan to process harder wastes like rice grains and bones, 1 HP disposal units will be best for you. They will provide you with the disposing power you need.
By Albert Last updated: 13 April 2014, 16:58

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