7 Amazing Features of High-Tech Toilets


Would you like to have a toilet that has a built-in dryer or deodorizer? How about toilets that can play music while they warm your feet?

If you do want those features, then you might want to consider getting high-tech toilets. They are crappers packed with technology that provides you a whole new level of comfort while evacuating.

What are the common features found in high-technology toilets?

With a special tank

Some toilets with a special tank will have the ability to wash your private parts using warm water. You can adjust their seat temperature and water temperature, and water pressure.

Plays music

This is one of the common features of high-tech toilets that you can never find in an ordinary commode. They have built-in speakers or SD card readers to play tunes for you each time you use them.

Led lights

They are great if you don’t like turning on your bathroom lights when you use your toilet at night.

Automatic lid

Some specialized toilets have lids that will open without human intervention each time you approach them. And when you walk away, they will flush on their own and the lid will close automatically.


This type of green toilet can turn your feces and urine into a fertilizing soil. Hence, the term composting toilet.

Health checks

If you are having health issues, you can opt for advanced toilets that can measure your blood sugar, blood pressure and even body fat and weight. These are all possible by linking them to your PC that tracks your data.

No toilet paper

One of the highlights of so-called Japanese toilets is the fact that you no longer need the use of toilet paper as they come with sanitizing nozzles.
These features of high-tech toilets are truly impressive. However, with their exorbitant price tags, they are just a pipe dream for most individuals. If you could afford to spend at least $5,000 for a toilet, then you might want to have them installed in your bathroom so you could have a comfortable time emptying your bowels.

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By Albert Last updated: 9 May 2014, 12:52

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